Horror in the Appartement

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While some places are striving to reach the ultimate customer service level, it still shocks me to find others that could not care less.

L’appartement is a hidden gem tucked in the underground floor in a building in Sioufi area. A renovated resident that was transformed into different spaces:

  • L’atelier: a place to create and get crafty
  • Breathe: a room dedicated to activities022
  • Bar tiny area facing the kitchen in an american model015
  • The balconies and the other rooms dedicated to receive people who want to “Enjoy” their time eating, playing board games, sipping drinks and enjoying live performances or movie projections.
  • Lots of attention was given to the decoration, to give it a charming ambiance and a cozy feeling , that was ruined later as you will read. Restored items, warm colors and lights, creative paintings and chandeliers all paired with the music.

When you read so far you would imagine we had an experience of a lifetime. Too bad that was not the case .

We were thoroughly searching for a very special location to celebrate our friend’s birthday, and out of many choices we picked l’appartement.


We called and reserved a table. When we arrived, we were greeted by Mr. X the waiter (just because he was so busy being rude to bother introducing himself), Rosie the sweet waitress and what seemed like the Manager and owner.

We chose our spot, and since it was too cold they offered us blankets (not to practical when you want to eat) and a modest small heater that was hardly giving any warmness.

Upon checking the menu on Zomato, we were thrilled with many items such as the salmon tartar, salad and sandwich as well as the veggie bruschetta. None of these features on the menu we received. We called Mr. X and also Rosie was around to take the order. So I asked him about those items and there with the rudest attitude ever he goes: No those were seasonal items that never figured on the menu, I insisted saying I checked them on Zomato, but arrogant Mr.X was like: “You look at me, I am the one who prepared the menu, we never had such thing; Zomato is not reliable to have accurate information about menu.”

At that point, we were all becoming so upset and  struggling not to ruin the eve. From the reduced menu we ordered:

  • Labneh platter: beautifully presented, good quality of labneh accompanied by a side of zaatar, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and olives. The rustic bread was not fresh at all



  • Mozarella and pesto sandwich: with a side of three days old chopped cucumbers, even the bread was not fresh and it lacked taste, we hardly had a bite of it



  • Turkey sandwich: exactly the same issue as the moza one


Disappointed of the food, the extreme cold, because yes, they removed the heater to another corner, and the rude service of Mr. X we just asked for the check and left.

Only Rosie was decent enough to ask if we did not like the food since the plates were practically untouched.

We tried to end the night on a sweeter note for our friend and went, as per her request, to enjoy the tastiest Chocolate fondant at Frida, not to be missed.


I advise the owner to train his staff and maybe this article on customer service could come handy! Such a loss to feel all the efforts done can be ruined by arrogance and rudeness.





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A fashionista, passionate photographer and foodie. I am sports freak, barre trainer and pilates instructor. I wander off the world searching for mesmerizing scenes and discovering the hidden gems off the beaten track. Follow me on my journey full of excitement, beauty and joy!
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