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Special occasions need to be celebrated in special places.

To celebrate a precious friendship’s anniversary, our choice came to Lux. We called earlier for reservation to ensure a table in the very busy restaurant; it is really unpretentious.

Practical parking spots can be found all around, and for the lazy ones, there are valet parking services. The age range is 3o and above.

The interiors are simple, a large sign in the middle just in front of the bar, around which tables are distributed, few tables on the upper floor, and other ones in another space on the right side of the bar.

The servers are helpful and attentive. We had to repeat some of our requests more then once, but they seemed more stressed to be performing right then being careless.

As a healthy replacement of the bread basket, there was a plate with seasoned turnips decorated with wild thyme. Personally I did not like the taste.


We ordered the :

  • Shrimp salad: a good portion of broiled shrimps over a bed of greens, olives, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. I have bad experience with lemon oil dressing being too oily, so I requested it with less oil,as well as some mustard on the side. It was really tasty and well seasoned.


  • A side of seasonal grilled veggies, decorated with some pine nuts and few sundried tomato pieces. It was equally tasty.


Prices are reasonable except for the  half liter San pellegrino that costs the same as 1 liter elsewhere!

Overall the experience was good, nice background music too.  I would like to come back on a Friday since it is animated by a local DJ.

I am a firm believer that the strength of a relationship, regardless its type, is not defined by the number of years you have known the person. Last year, I was lucky to find two amazing friends with whom a special connection was made as if we were raised in the same houses. Just like with sisterhood, it is not always sugar and spice, but what counts the most is that is REAL.

The first friendship anniversary was already celebrated during December in a very nice setting in El denye Hek.






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