When Salt is The Sweetest!

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Work discretely, behind the scenes, no huss or fuss about your project, keep it a secret like a pregnant lady during her first three months,and then, when you are ready,only then, throw the bombastic fantastic news!

This is how I imagine Salt was designed by Chef Eddy!

On a backstreet of Monot, a discrete sign will show you the way. Snow covered mountains on which the word Salt is crafted. And just there, in the center, a door that invites you inside where you will be carried away on a journey of discovery, teasing your palate and your senses.


Let me start by saying that it was a happy birthday to me, that will be detailed in a post by itself 🤗,  but what made the difference is the sweetness of Chef Eddy who opened the restaurant on a Monday evening just to grant me my wish. Eddy, I can never thank you enough😘.

And the sweetness and good vibes are spread in the restaurant, from the floor manager to the waiters.

The house was restored in a way to make it fresh with hues of blue and white, inviting to comfort you to stay and enjoy your meal. A sneak peek on the chef working his creation behind the counter and a window giving on the kitchen. A large wooden table spread with bread, jars and cooking books. And a bar in one corner of the ground floor. Climb few stairs, another ambiance even warmer like a living room with couches and a balcony with rocky rough walls softened by lights and tables. This could be perfect to be booked for large group to have a private dinner in a space dedicated just for them.

Attention to details goes even to the bathrooms, handles shaped as cutlery: spoons, forks and knives! Creativity at its best!

Moving on to what matters, Fooood;)

The bread basket; warm as the welcome, with comforting butter and balsamic for those who want.


We ordered:

  • Onion soup: big heartwarming bowl of soup and two cheese toasts: balanced flavors, a great way to start a meal on a rainy eve.


  • Salmon tartare; over a bed of lentils, decorated with slices of fresh tuna, and a special piece of makdous: a burst of flavor in your mouth!
  • Red quinoa and shrimps salad: generously served and devoured!
  • Grilled calamari and again, working on marrying the flavors is the key word for this dinner.


  • Risotto, a creamy, chewy and with chunks of mushrooms, loved it;) oh and do not forget the Parmesan tulle crowning the dish!


  • Not your regular meat balls We do shredded entrecote meat balls oven cooked and a side of fries.Speechless!

I picked the title carefully;) yes Salt became Sweet! Chef Eddy spoiled the birthday girl indeed:

  • The “Surprise du chef”:  a dome of chocolate melting before you eyes with pouring hot chocolate and there the surprise awaiting you: strawberries on a mountain of rice pudding. Chef you are an artist!
  • My birthday cake was cannelloni filled with white chocolate  and a sweet wish

I would have never imagined a regular dinner could turn out like that. Thank you infinitely and I will be coming back to explore the menu hiding its treasures and watching the art of cooking properly done by a master!

Again, without Salt food is tasteless;)


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A fashionista, passionate photographer and foodie. I am sports freak, barre trainer and pilates instructor. I wander off the world searching for mesmerizing scenes and discovering the hidden gems off the beaten track. Follow me on my journey full of excitement, beauty and joy!
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