Get grilled: Everything is nice, Persindian and spice!

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I have been introduced to Indian cuisine during one of my trips to USA and I was hooked! And have equally enjoyed it in UAE.

Back to Lebanon, it was not easy to find affordable indian restaurants; there is Jai that serves it with a twist, there is also Alhindi but it is way more expensive. I enjoyed the experience at Sirena at Motto, but still it is not what I had in mind.

And there, I start hearing some rumors about this small outlet, tucked under the bridge behind La sagesse university.

Get grilled, hmm interesting name, good reviews, scrumptious photos and so I planned to try it myself!

A promising experience was sensed since the host picked up the phone to take my order. Such a professional way of presenting the restaurant: “we serve Indian, Persian and Mediterranean cuisine in the healthiest version” . And that was music to my ears!

I ordered three different dishes to share with my friends over lunch break:

  • Zaafaran chicken: flavorsome chicken over saffron rice sprinkled and threes sides: the flaming green chutney, regular hummus and raita.

A handwritten message to prevent us of the replacement of beetroot hummus with the regular one and of the second green chutney side ! I was in aweeeeeeeeee.


  • Tandoori chicken platter: juicy pieces of chicken over beryani rice with 3 sides: the Dhal ( lentil soup), katchumber ( indian salad) and raita (khyar and laban).
  • Chicken tikka masala: luscious tangy pieces of chicken bathing in their masala broth oh myyyy with a side of basmati.

Needless to say, obvious so far I was in love with the food, and the fast accurate delivery service.

Looking forward trying other items on the menu, and totally recommend you to give it a try!


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A fashionista, passionate photographer and foodie. I am sports freak, barre trainer and pilates instructor. I wander off the world searching for mesmerizing scenes and discovering the hidden gems off the beaten track. Follow me on my journey full of excitement, beauty and joy!
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